We interrupt the ongoing inactivity…

…to inform you of the masterpiece that is Mass Effect.

What do you think they're looking at?

It’s better than Galactic Deus Ex.

It’s more than an evolved KOTOR.

It hits harder than Firefly.

It’s what you’ll dream about for days when you’ve played it.

It’s Epic. In a sense that few games are, or can be. It [minor spoiler alert] has an entity dismissively projecting:

We are Infinite. We have no beginning. We have no End.

We are Legion.

Also, it’s taken over my life in the past two weeks; causative for the chain of events that has culminated in weight gain (mass effect!), sleep loss, general neglect and a fallow blog, all to be remedied as befits their cooldown times.

I owe RXFL an apology.

(Image from CreativeUncut)


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