Several browser cache wipes later, this is all that remains define:’d.

Volume IV

Aboyne (…)


Eugenic (It troubles me to see smarter nephews around.)



Knaves (surprisingly, phonetically similar to naive)

Obscura (not a word.)

Oleaginous (cognate)

Petulant (campsite, insect bite)

Simulacrum (similar, not)

Cassandra (Aren’t we all?)

Nihil (-ism.)



Tenebrous (murky. No wit this time.)

Interesting side note: I encountered three of the above words in Anime fansubs. It’s a paradox of sorts- Terrible-to-mediocre translations with surprisingly precise obscure wording. I suppose Japanese is embedded far too deep in the context of its culture to lend itself to meaningful literal or semantic translation.


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