An impolite subversion (and Karaoke)

Because this book, Etsy, Bach, cicu control error, so that the conscience of humanity. Karaoke? If you invest. What is surprising and encouraging. Anti-brain model, not all of the cities and streets – including travel tool. (This is surprising, of course), the efforts of Member.

What is this? And expectations? I am not a very good package, although Google’s technology, we hope that all leaders. First, I would like to, I hope vyhrajete Ⅰ. Yes, car.

Is happening?

In his book Gödel, Escher, Bach, Hofstadter hints at what he believes gives rise to humour in human brains. Humour, he says, is a subversion of expectations. When we are amused, we are also surprised. In a hypothetical model of the brain’s functioning, he attributes this to a trip down an unfamiliar neural pathway- like a tour across a version of your country that has all the city and highway names mixed up. (The latter bit sure doesn’t seem funny to me.)

This post is an attempt at this “subversion of expectations”. I’m no good at engineering such twists, though, so I sought help from the all-knowing Google overlords. I figured that the first person to have his expectations flipped over and kneaded by this exercise ought to be me.

That’s enough hinting, I think. What do you think happened to this piece?


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