What exactly is this blog about?



What kind of domain is ‘rxfl’?

One that was not taken. Damned hard to find one of these nowadays.

Also, a backronym for RegeXes For Life.


Why does a blog need an FAQ?

Right; so you contend I should name this section the Frequently Unasked Questions page instead. Unfortunately, that abbreviates to one of those potentially offensive double entendres that people will assume I’m not aware of and go to great lengths to point out. I’d rather be politically incorrect than troubled and misunderstood.


What’s with the Regex fixation? Also, isn’t the plural of Regex Regexps/Regexen?

Regexes are neat, that’s all. I’ll think of some other backronym when I grow tired of this one.

Have you tried saying “Regexps/Regexen For Life” out aloud?